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Vetex RMP17 Tool Mover designed to carry a variety of tooling devices to be used for maintenance and Non Destructive Testing procedures carried out under the dome of a nuclear reactor. The unit is remote controlled and remote powered via 100' tether and navigated by camera.

Vetex RMP17 mobility platform with single arm robot suspended from gantry for Order Picking Process. Autonomous laser navigation and collision avoidance. Vehicle integrated using ROS-I

Dual Arm Tool Tending Mobile Robot

Configured with two arms and a shoulder height comparible to a human, this mobile robot brings the ergonomic profile perfect for machine tending operations. It has the capability of "hand to hand" transfers, and unprecedented mobility without the drawbacks of legs. It could also be equipped to perform painting or de-painting operations, or large part welding. Security and Emergency Response applications exist as well.. So, if you are ready to have this guy take up residence at you place, drop us a line - we are happy to discuss an adoption!
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Robotic Mobility Platform
in action!

Vetex RMP 10 mobility platform with Motoman single arm robot and controller. Platform can be repositioned manually to perform a variety of tasks in multiple locations, or be equipped with several types of navigation systems to perform autonomously.

Vetex RMP 17 Mobiliity Platform with Mikrolar Hexapod Robot, dual inverters, and dual Quick Change battery packs.

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MR ROAM Mobile Robot Platform demonstrator built by Southwest Research Inc. proved the viability of an autonomous mobile robot in aircraft paint and de-paint operations.